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The Maritime Security Alliance is a platform that consists of maritime stakeholders aimed to provide ships with non-lethal, non-violent protection against criminals at sea. Continuous innovation and creative thinking of its expert team will improve safety conditions for seafarers by ensuring effective and affordable self-protection means.

The Maritime Security Alliance offers the service of a single contact for an integrated solution to prevent ships against piracy.

1  Early detection

2  Evasion

3  Approach discouragement

4  Anti-boarding

5  Obstruction of movement

6  Safe Room

Layer 2: Evasion

If possible, sailing through dangerous areas should be avoided. If timely informed about a known hazard, such as a pirate activities or an incident at sea, it is often best to take a detour and stay well away, or transfer the cargo to a well risk mitigated vessel.

Once a dangerous situation has been detected, the vessel has to keep well clear of the threat by evasive manoeuvres. Thereto, continuous observation and analysis of the situation is needed.

Anti Piracy Chart 2nd EditionWA