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The Maritime Security Alliance (MSA) is a cooperation between international maritime strategy and product developers from the Netherlands, Denmark, US, UK, Sweden and Germany. The cooperative objective is to investigate, combine and offer non-lethal self-protection strategies, products and services for merchant and fishing vessels transiting through high risk areas. 


 Commodore RNLN (ret)

 Michiel Hijmans

The Maritime Security Alliance operates under the professional guidance of Commodore RNLN (ret) Michiel Hijmans. Michiel Hijmans has served as the Commanding Officer of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (former STANAVFORMED) which has been conducting Counter Piracy Operations in Ocean Shield, Counter Terrorism Operations in Operation Active Endeavour and was also part of NATO’s Rapid Response Force 16. (2010-2011).

Michiel Hijmans joined the MSA in August 2014, after retiring from the Royal Netherlands Navy after 36 years of service. His last operational mission (2010-2011) was in the Indian Ocean countering piracy of the Coast of Somalia as commander of the NATO fleet. He is not only in charge of the MSA, but also contributes with his military and international diplomatic experience to the team. He can always be contacted directly in person and is available to everyone for information and advice. Looking forward to hear from you!

The Maritime Security Alliance is a platform of maritime stakeholders aimed to provide ships with non-lethal, non-violent protection against maritime crime. Continuous innovation and creative thinking of its expert team will improve security conditions for seafarers by ensuring effective, legitimate and affordable self-protection measures.

The Maritime Security Alliance offers the service of one single contact for integrated solutions against piracy.

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