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The Maritime Security Alliance is a platform that consists of maritime stakeholders aimed to provide ships with non-lethal, non-violent protection against criminals at sea. Continuous innovation and creative thinking of its expert team will improve safety conditions for seafarers by ensuring effective and affordable self-protection means.

The Maritime Security Alliance offers the service of a single contact for an integrated solution to prevent ships against piracy.

Layer 3: Approach discouragement

All efforts should be made to discourage any threat full approach by the criminals to the victim ship. As soon it is clear that such an approach  is unavoidable, clear and powerful messages will have to be sent to indicate that the ship is well protected and prepared to counter any attack. For example; sounding of alarm, lighting on deck, barking of dogs, long range sound devices, laser beams, water jets, electro-magnetic pulse etc.

Rifle Laser Dazzler

The non-lethal laser dazzler is a completely self-contained, high power green laser device that provides the longest range non-lethal deterrence of any technology currently available. The dazzler is an ergonomically designed system, which enables the user to apply the power of the UC-5 laser module on static and moving targets effectively.

The non-lethal laser dazzler received an outstandingly positive response from operational users. The non-lethal laser dazzler gives the user a balanced ergonomically shaped weapon system, with embedded control electronics, power and fire safety switches, picatinny rails, textured grips and emergency battle sights (EBS). The system also hosts a changeable, rechargeable battery system providing extended operational usage.


  • High power non-lethal green laser—5000mW – Certified eye-safe by IEC regulations
  • Continuous operation in excess of 60 minutes between charges
  • Fully sealed for outdoor applications (IP66) and sturdy construction for use in arduous environments
  • A stable rifle design with all the additional available ancillaries the user requires


Fixed Sea Laser Dazzler

The fixed sea laser dazzler is a 5000 mW high power non-lethal laser dazzler on a stabilized IP controllable pan and tilt platform. This deterrent technology can be integrated with multiple camera sensors. The non-lethal laser dazzler allows the user to choose between suppression/deterrence, hail/warning, and illumination operations. The Integrated camera sensors can be day/night color, Thermal, ultra-low light sCMOS, or SWIR cameras for extended performance capabilities. The sealed optical payload is mounted on a pan/tilt platform designed for 24/7 use in harsh all-weather environments. Video target tracking and radar ‘slew-to-cue’ are optional features.


  • High laser power, 5000mW – 24X Day / Night color camera
  • Up to 120°/sec slew rate- Solid vibration tolerant for vehicle mounted applications
  • Fully sealed for outdoor/marine applications (IP67)
  • Multiple control interfaces: Joystick, RS-232/485/422 and Ethernet Options
  • Integrated radar tracking software
  • Radar ‘slew-to-cue’ – Thermal camera
  • Ultra low light sCMOS camera – SWIR camera

High powered search light

A Xenon searchlight can create a light beam of 7.5 nautical miles. The light beam is so strong and powerful that it can dazzle people and disturb a potential pirate attack. Due to its unique design with cooling chambers and fans, the searchlight is capable of continuous operation without down time, which is important when the vessel is travelling through high risk areas. The searchlight is a great dual use tool that enables ships to search and detect incoming threats.