Quick removable razor wire

In use on work and passage in the gulf of Guinee. The Quick Removable Razor Wire is adjustable within 40 seconds.

Quick removable razor wire is ideally placed at vessel locations where the razor wire requires quick deployment or removal, e.g. lifeboat or life raft stations, pilot entry location or manifolds.

Reusable Razor Wire

‘The razor wire is really high quality and very convenient for the ships passing HRA. Crew were very surprised at quick installations (it took only 1- 1.5 hrs without any training or special preparations and everything was ready) as well as roll and stow after leaving HRA. Also, due to quick installation as well as quick roll and stow such a razor wire can protect the vessel with low freeboard from a theft while anchored.’ Quote Captain

Reusable razorwire is part of defence layer 4 – Anti boarding

Maritime Security Alliance Ptrap