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The Maritime Security Alliance is a platform that consists of maritime stakeholders aimed to provide ships with non-lethal, non-violent protection against criminals at sea. Continuous innovation and creative thinking of its expert team will improve safety conditions for seafarers by ensuring effective and affordable self-protection means.

The Maritime Security Alliance offers the service of a single contact for an integrated solution to prevent ships against piracy.

Layer 5: Obstruction of movement on board

If all previously mentioned measures seem to fail and the attackers succeed to board, all following efforts should be focused at obstructing of their movement on deck, inside and towards the bridge and safe room. This can be done by, for example; barriers and obstructions to avoid breach of accommodation doors, hatches, compartments, watertight barriers or movement from one compartment to another. Obstruction of fire hazards, ballistic shielding, bullet proofing of windows.


Sound/Light/Smoke Entry Barrier

The barrier is originally designed to protect public buildings, retailers, and yachts. The unit is redesigned to be used on vessels where it for example is installed inside the accommodation in combination with stroboscope and advanced smoke generator. The barrier effectively stops intruders in their tracks by generating a patented unbearable pattern, frequency and intensity noise. Simultaneously the strobe lighting with intense flash-light disorients intruders. In the pitch-black smoke filled / flashing space it becomes impossible to continue the attack. The barrier is also suitable as a single barrier (only speaker) on the outside decks or stairs on route for criminals trying to reach accommodation (or citadel).


Citadel Door (Ballistic Protection)

Citadel security panels and doors offer a final barrier of protection to delay and deter pirate attacks. The barriers are manufactured with a structural composite material made up of two metal plates bonded with a polyurethane elastomer core. It delivers high strength, superb impact resistance and enhanced stiffness. The citadel security panels can be deployed within 90 seconds and provides protection from impact loads, blasts and projectiles with FB6 ballistic compliant designs available to protect the crew.


RPG Protection Grid

This RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenades) protection grid is installed on the vulnerable locations, such as bridge or citadel design. It will reduce the risk of an RPG impact by disabling the RPG projectile by means of electrical shortcut in its track. There are solutions for bulkheads and window structures.

This design is proven in military combat. The design will neutralizes up to 70 % at NATO 0° – with 85% silent neutralization (no detonation). Installation: Bulkhead glued installation, no welding, field repair using standard tools, no special training requirements.


  • Simple design mounted at critical areas (no welding)
  • Improved protection against all types of RPGs including RPG7 V,L,M,N and PGS9
  • The system can be removed and stored below decks when not required
  • High survivability for crew inside vessel hull
  • Excellent multi-hit behavior with silent neutralizations – up to 5 hits per m2
  • Protects windows and other transparent areas without vertigo effect
  • Highly durable- marine tested
  • Unique composite/steel design – Design low weight

Bullet Resistant Security Film for Windows

Security film provide complete protection against all types of bullets, or shapnel associated in an explosion

r12-mil-bulletproof-window-film-security-window-film-safety-film-1-52-20mBullet resistant security film for windows