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The Maritime Security Alliance is a platform that consists of maritime stakeholders aimed to provide ships with non-lethal, non-violent protection against criminals at sea. Continuous innovation and creative thinking of its expert team will improve safety conditions for seafarers by ensuring effective and affordable self-protection means.

The Maritime Security Alliance offers the service of a single contact for an integrated solution to prevent ships against piracy.

Layer 6: Safe Room

If the crew has to withdraw into a safe area this room should be well protected and inaccessible to the attackers. Attackers should not be able to open any access, reach any ventilation channel or disconnect any communication with the outside world. Furthermore, the safe room has to be well equipped for survival during several days.


Citadel hardening

Ship security assessment are provided by means of expert technical survey, ship leadership interview, crew interview and drill inspection services followed by a detail report for the ship-owner which includes improvements, suggestions and lessons learned regarding the inspected vessel.